Redeemer Church @ 2020 Old Mill RD

Redeemer Church is excited to announce that our future gathering place will be at 2020 Old Mill Road in Rocky Mount. After nearly four years of searching for a permanent gathering place, our leadership team determined that the most cost-effective option for us was the building of a new facility. Learn more about this project and how you can help by watching the video below. 



Below you can learn more about our efforts to maintain financial flexibility while pursuing a facility that will meet the needs of our rapidly growing congregation. 


Financial Plan

Our church body is very generous in our missional giving. We give away over 21% of our annual income to mission projects (local, national, and international). We will continue this generosity as we pursue the completion of our new facility at 2020 Old Mill Rd. The 2020 project will be funded by a combination of gifts to Redeemer Church and financing provided by our church network partners. Our goal is to raise an additional $125,000.00 dollars by early 2018. If you would like to contribute to the 2020 Project, please click the "Give Now" button and select "Expansion Fund" from the dropdown menu. 


Building Plan

Our facility will be a simple, modern, attractive, and cost-effective facility that will meet the needs of our rapidly growing congregation. You can download a rendering of our floor plan by clicking "The Plan" button below.